Product development with manufacturing and end-user experience

The know-how of a manufacturer.

The experience of a shipper.

The innovation of a perfectionist.

How do we create something “new”?

Generally, it’s researched, developed, and tinkered with by a productive group of people with a variety of relevant skills and experiences.

Does “new” mean reinventing the wheel?

Most of the best “new” innovations are based on the evolution of proven methods and products.

Does “new” automatically mean “better”?

New only becomes better when it shows significant problem-solving advantages over the current solution.

This explains - in three short questions and answers - the history of PRO crating systems.

PRO crating systems was born from the productive interaction of the manufacturing expertise and shipping experience of PRO blanket bars, which, over the last 30 years has grown into a world leading developer and manufacturer of steel and aluminium profiles.

PRO crating systems is not a reinvention of the steel or aluminium profile. Instead, it is an innovative, modular system for modern temporary lightweight construction - e.g. crate construction, furniture construction, transport racks, crates, sandboxes, and garbage can shelters. In other words, any stable structure that needs to be assembled quickly and simply.

Compared to existing solutions, PRO crating systems is a convincing alternative in terms of stability, flexibility, simplicity, versatility and productivity - an innovation with advantages for creative companies that need a versatile modular system for their own unique requirements or for product development.

PRO Crating Systems - Beispiel Anwendung Sitzbank
PRO Crating Systems - Beispiel Anwendung Stehtisch